Miguel Rebelo

Python Developer

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While always a tech nerd at the core, I come from a social sciences background. I fell in love with programming, and especially with Python, during my Master's in International Business, in which I used Python extensively for data analysis since then, I kept building my career with Python working for various organizations using the technology for Web Development, Web Scraping, and Data Engineering and Automation. During my spare time, I enjoy weight lifting and long walks listening to a good audiobook.



Miguel Rebelo

I'm a Python developer with 2+ years of professonal experience, I worked on various projects and challenges, such as web development, data engineering, automation, web scraping. I pride myself in my craft and continuous seek to improve my expertise in Python programming and related technologies.


Master of International Business

2017 - 2019

Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

  • Management, accounting, statistical analysis and marketing
  • International Business, Economics, Trade and Finance
  • *Awarded a highly selective private scholarship (3 per year) of 25,000€ to study this Master's degree by China Three Gorges Europe in partnership with University of Lisbon

Asian Studies

2013 - 2017

University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Chinese language, history and culture
  • Japanese language, history and culture
  • Social Sciences (Political Science, Economics, Business)
  • Volunteering

    Python Mentor at Exercism

    09/2020 - Ongoing
    • Help students on the Python Track write clearer and more pythonic code as a way of giving back to the python community that once nurtured me.

    Professional Experience

    Backend (Python) Developer

    03/2021 - Present

    APTOIDE, Lisbon

    • Develop and maintain multiple services/APIs using Python and related technologies (Flask, Django, Scrapy, plotly/Dash, Redis, Celery, MongoDB, MySQL)

    Python Developer

    07/2020 - 02/2021

    KWAN (subcontracted to GALP - energy sector), Lisbon

    • Responsible for building and maintaining ETL processes and Microservices on the cloud (AWS) with Python using an Event-Driven Architecture (Terraform, SQLAlchemy, RDS-MySQL, Lambda, S3, SQS, SNS, API Gateway, EC2, SSM) with a focus on processing textual data from Textract.
    • Integrate, deploy and maintain NLP machine learning models into the existing infrastructure in AWS in a production enviroment.

    Freelance Developer

    02/2020 - 07/2020

    (Education and Pharmaceutical sector) Lisbon, Portugal

    • Carried out an end to end development of a Django project from gathering requirements to deploying to production. Used PostgreSQL as a Database, styling via Bootstrap with custom CSS and interactivity and frontend functionality via JavaScript, deployment with Heroku, and hosting of statics assets in AWS S3.
    • Redesigned and improved page load speed by up to 80% on a existing Laravel project.

    Localization Engineer

    07/2019 - 02/2020

    Youxiqun (Mobile video game company), Wuhan, China

    • Used Python (requests, pandas, xlwings) to develop custom tooling that integrates with CAT tools used by the translation team via REST API, allowing for automation of workflows and better error detection and correction resulting in significantly faster and higher quality translations.
    • QA test mobile game applications in different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese) and make bug reports accordingly to ensure they meet quality standards. As well as suggest UX improvements.
    • Used Pytest and responses for code testing and mocking third party APIs as well as type hints for code quality.

    Data analyst intern

    10/2018 - 01/2029

    IPASON (Computer hardware manufactorer), Wuhan, China

    • Develop and maintain multiple web scrappers for market research using Python and Scrapy, Scrapy-Splash (in a Docker Container)
    • Develop scripts to clean the data, and analyze it using Pandas and Numpy
    • Create visualizations using matplotlib and seaborn and other python libraries


    I pride myself on my craft and continuously strive to be and do better. Below are some of my favorite resources that influence and help me on my journey. accomplish that.

    • All
    • Books
    • Courses
    • Websites

    Effective Python, 2nd Edition

    Brett Slatkin

    Real Python

    Michael Herman

    Talk Python

    Michael Kennedy

    Python in containers

    Kris Celmer


    Simple is better than complex

    Vitor Freitas

    Serious Python

    Julien Danjou

    The Pragmatic Programmer, 20th Anniversary Edition

    David Thomas, Andrew Hunt

    A Philosophy of Software Design

    John Ousterhout


    Code Complete, Second Edition

    Steve McConnell

    Essential SQLAlchemy

    Rick Copeland


    Below are the technologies I worked with. If you don't see your favorite technology that isn't part of your technology doesn't mean I never worked with it, or that I'm not open to learning it.

    Python logo

    I consider myself and invested vast amounts of time in being a Python Expert, I have a deep knowledge of the language and the ecosystem and solved a vast array of problems with it.

    Django logo

    I'm able to build complex django apps from scratch, I'm experienced with all django features and capabilities.

    Docker logo

    While not a docker captain, I'm very comfortable working with containerized apps, and containerizing simple applications and workflows.

    Pandas logo

    Pandas were one of my entry points into the python world and I've used it in more contexts than I can count, from small data engineering and automation scripts to table scraping, to data analysis, I believe this library and should be in every python developer toolkit and would consider myself highly proficient in it.

    Scrapy logo

    I've used this web scraping framework multiple times throughout my career I love the speed, scabilibility, the community and docs.

    Cloud computing

    I have experience in cloud computing, mostly in AWS where I used multiple AWS services in an Event Driven Architecture.